You can buy all of the 7 lessons with reduced price just for £49.99. Normally the lessons are priced at £250-£300 but I like to offer the lessons for my readers with reduced price only £49.99.

Customer Name: Tahnia Shabnum

Published Date: 30/03/2015



I like to offer this course to a limited number of readers who are desperate to pass the Life in the UK Test. I will walk through starting from how to prepare for Life in the UK Test.

The course will be all together 7 hours long. Each lesson will be a hour long, so in 7 lessons course will be complete.

Students can join in different session according to their availability.

There are some UKBA official advice as what to study? There is a UKBA official book Life in the UK Test, which you can buy from WHSmith store. Alaways buy the latest version.

Book title: Life in the UK Test, Study Guide, The essential study guide for the British citizenship test.



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