SSIS: Add different project configuration for the same project


I have a project which I want to run in production environment and also in the development environment. I do not want to have a different copy of the same project for the production and developement and then have static connection manager. Rather, I wish to save these connection settings in the project configuration file and load them appropriately.


  1. Open the Project configuration manager:
    1. Click project–>Properties–>Configuration properties tab–>Configuration managerpj6
  2. From the Active solution configuration–> click on the dropdown box and click Newpj2
  3. Give it a name–>Click OK and save the project
  4. Manage parameter values for different project configuration:
    1. Open the Project–>Click on the Project parameters tab (Not the package parameter tab)then go to Parameters tab–>Add a parametern3
    2. After creating the parameter, you can add this parameter to the Configuration by clicking the option “Add parameters to Configurations”pj7
    3. Now add the different parameters values for the different project configuration pj5




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