IIS: Can’t access webpage using Internet explorer


I have a problem accessing an intranet website with IE8. I can access the site through Firefox or any other browser, except IE. IE will prompt for a username and password but never accepts the credentials and just shows a 401 message, “You are not authorized to view this page”

The website is configured as follows:

Windows Server 2003

IIS Directory Security > Authentication Methods > “Integrated Windows authentication” only



Sounds like an IE security setting. I’d check two things in options:

  1. In the Advanced tab–> in the security section–> is Enable Integrated Windows Authentication checked?
  2. In the Security tab–> does the site come up under the Local Intranet zone? If not, add it.
  3. In the Security tab–> custom level–> also, make sure the User Authentication item is set to one of the Automatic Logon options (checking Automatic Logon with current user name and password should make the browser automatically log into the site).
  4. Turning off ‘Protected Mode’ in the Internet Zone Security settings allows the pages to work normally but obviously removes the protection provided by protected mode.
  5. Removed the Host Header Value and it worked

Note: Basically from the Server IE11 browser I could not access the intranet website. I could access the website from my pc IE11 browser. The only difference I have been able to find is the different version of IE11 on my pc and the server


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