SSRS: Group by Item inside the details row, not as a separate column

I want to create a report which will “Group By” by specific element – For example: Ethnicity. After adding Group By in SSRS report, it adds a column. What I want is add the Group by element name here Ethnicity as a row as following
  1. Select the Details Row Group, Drop down arrow click–>Add Group–>Parent Group–>Select Ethnicity in the Group by option.
  2. Now select the Ethnicity group by cell in the Tablix–>Right click–>Insert Row–>Insert Group-Above. 
  3. Now you can merge the cells of the new row
  4. You can repeat the new Group by Row on every page
    1. From the Column Group–>Select Advanced mode
    2. Now from the Row Group–>Keep selecting the static until you find it select the new Ethnicity Row.

      Then from the Properties window set

      1. KeepWithGroup: After
      2. RepeatOnNewPage: True

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