ASP.NET Error: "the ‘microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine"

NOTE: i have found hundreds of threads on this error, yet they all seem to suggest using the ‘Microsoft access database engine’. however for whatever reason (even though its made for 64-bit office) this did not work on my machine so i was forced to find an alternate method.
this resolution works with:
  • 64-bit Windows 7
  • 64-bit MS Office
  • Please reply to this thread if it worked for you so i can make this a full “compatibility list”
trying to connect to an Access database in visual studio but keep getting this error?
however if, like me, that doesnt work for you, try the following method:
NOTE: this DOES work for office 2010 even though it is for 2007 office, dont ask me why it just does 🙂
2. in VS click add data source, follow the wizard and enjoy! 🙂
i did give up and tried storing to text files, but oh my god was that a bad choice! so i came back to trying to resolve this and managed to after HOURS AND HOURS of searching.
this thread is for all of those people being given a hard time connecting to Access databases!
Please share your opinions/ problems below!

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