ASP.NET: Tips / Tricks for Beginner ASP.NET

  1. Basic Foundation: layout it is better to use a Table in the master with one Row and two columns. Then it is easy to manipulate the layout and align it properly as you wish.
  2. Javascript: is type sensitive.
  3. Copy: Whenever you copy something from internet please remember to check the code again because it does not copy perfectly all the time. For example: “” and ‘ sign does not copy exactly.
  4. Query: If you type query directly into aspx.cs page then it is better to type it in on line. Because typing in several lines some times generate error.
  5. isPostBack EnableViewState AutoPostBack: Always take care of PostBack properly otherwise it will resets the value you want to set.
  6. If you put Webform inside a folder it does not work properly specially if you use script manager: – ASP.NET:I put a .aspx webform with AjaxToolKit-ScriptManager and it did not work. As soon as I put webform out of folder and put it in main project folder it starts working.

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