SSRS Report: Column visibility according to selected parameter

Say for example, I do not want all the columns to be visible in the report by default. I want an option for some columns to be visible if I select them to be visible.


  1. Create a parameter called “Extra Field” that will give me the option to select a column from the list of columns. When a column is selected then it will show the column from the tablix
    • Select–> allow multiple values
    • Available values: Click Add to insert a new option. In the label and in the value field none – if you want an option none. Otherwise, in the value field enter the exact data field name from the data set
  2. Now select the column–>Right click and select–>Column visibility. Now in the expression type a command which will join the all the parameters value first then will look for the exact Data Field you want to make visible.

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