SSRS Report: Repeating table headers in Reporting Services 2008

Scenario: I want to repeat the Report’s table header in every page of the Report
1) Select the Tablix that you want to repeat column headers for by clicking on it.
2) At the bottom of the screen, find the “Row Groups” and “Column Groups” section.
3) Click the small drop-down-arrow on the right side of that section.
4) In the “Row Groups” section, locate the “static” row and click on it. 
5) In the properties pane, you need to set the following TWO properties:
a) RepeatOnNewPage = True
b) KeepWithGroup = After

Repeating table headers in Reporting Services 2008

You may find it a bit of a challenge to get Reporting Services 2008 to repeat table headers across pages. Unfortunately the tablix properties ‘Repeat Row Headers’ and ‘Repeat Column Headers’ appear to do absolutely nothing despite what MSDN says. In fact there is a connect request related to it here. There is a bit of information on the web about this – but not definitive guide and I still found myself scratching my head a bit, so here’s my attempt at explaining it:

Step 1:

Select the tablix in question and click the arrow on the left of Column Groups and the bottom of the Design tab, and select ‘Advanced Mode’:

Step 2:

Under ‘Row Groups’ you should now see grey bars before and after each tablix grouping marked ‘(Static)’. These represent the column headers for each group. Click on one of these:

Step 3:

Click the Properties Window (there’s no right-click menu on the static groups). Set the two properties as followed, RepeatOnNewPage:True, On the KeepWithGroup: After

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 for every static group that a repeating header is required. Bear in mind there are the static groups after the tablix – don’t set these to repeat.

Then you should be done! Shame this can’t simply be done on the tablix property – lets hope MS fix this in a Service Pack at some point.


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