SSRS: SQL Server 2008 Reproting Services

  1. Requirement:
    • .NET platform
  2. Install
    • SQL server business intelligence development service
  3. Features to know:
    • Create report:
      • File–>New–>Project–>Report server project
    • Shared data source:  After you add a report to the Tutorial project, you need to define one data source that provides data to your report.
      • Shared data source–>Right click–>Add–>New Item–>Data source–>Edit–>
        • Type database server name (Type: .\ for localhost)
        • Select database
        • Click OK
    • Reports: After the data source is defined
      • Create Report: Select report–>Add–>New Item–>Report–>Add
      • Define “Data Source” for this report only: In the “Report Data” pane select–>Data sources – right click–>Add data source–>Select “User shared data source reference”–>OK
      • Define “Datasets” for this report only: In Reporting Services, data that you use in reports is contained in a dataset A dataset includes a pointer to a data source and the query to be used by a report:
        • Datasets–>Right click -Add dataset–>select – “use dataset embedded in my report”   –>Click “Query Designer”–>Now right click in the query pane and select “Add table”   –>Define your Query–>Click OK–>Click OK
      • Design the report you have just created: 
        • In the design pane, right click & select – Insert–>Table (For example). In the table the top row is the header row & bottom row is the data row. You will see the grey text written Header  & Data in the top & bottom row respectively. 
        • To add a column in the table select a field from table–> right click–>Insert column–> select left or right.

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